Too Good to Be True... But IT IS!

  I am as skeptical as they come, when it comes to sites that offer me "free prizes" or "cash for surveys." However, I have found a few that ACTUALLY DELIVER WHAT THEY PROMISE! In fact, for the past two years, I've been able to do almost all of my holiday shopping (as well as pick up a few items for myself)... without spending a dime! I've also been able to be among the first to try out some great new products... often, before they are in the stores!

 Here are my favorite sites:



  This site is amazing. You simply complete surveys, on a variety of topics, and they "pay" you with cash or Amazon credits.

  I've redeemed points for all KINDS of goodies. If it's on Amazon, you can get it.

  They aren't just going to hand you a bigscreen TV or a check for a thousand bucks, though. You DO have to actually work to earn them... but how much effort is really involved in checking off boxes on online surveys? 


  How do you get started? Easy! Click on the link, below, and register... then, get started earning your rewards! Make sure you answer your profile surveys, first. This makes it easier for them to match you up with surveys. You'll still get a lot of "disqualified" responses, but keep at it. I promise, it's worth it




  This site is even easier than the first, although your rewards are random and come, monthly. Still, the surveys are simple... only a few questions each day, on products and brands you already use. You can earn bonus points by answering qustions, submitting photos, and sampling FREE full-sized products, too (they even send you coupons or samples to share with friends).

  Each day, you'll get an e-mail that lets you know how many activities are open, to you. You do the activities to earn points, which are transferred into drawing entries at the end of the month. I have won NUMEROUS Amazon gift cards, a $60 Wal-Mart card, and much more. When I get the Amazon cards, I submit them to my Points2Shop account for conversion... that way, I can do all my shopping from one site. However, you don't HAVE to. The codes come through e-mail, and can be redeemed as they are (without the 50-cent per card conversion charge), if you'd like to keep them all recorded.

  To sign up, click here!



  This site, set up by the folks at Beam, is geared towards those who enjoy an alcoholic beverage now and then. Activities are primarily centered around a community forum, but there are also occasional surveys and photo activities that you can complete. It only takes a handful of contributing posts or activities, each month, to receive a $10 Amazon gift code. Again, I apply mine to my Points2Shop account, but you can use it directly, instead. To sign up, click here!


  If you like to review GREAT new products, and to share your opinions on your blog or social network sites, this is the website for you! By reviewing products you have tried, you "unlock" badges. This, in turn, "unlocks" opportunities to receive FREE boxes, chock full of new products and goodies!  Click the logo below, to get started!


5. SMILEY360:

 Smiley360 is another great site, for folks who like to try out new products, and share their opinions and experiences! To join, simply click the logo, below!

Join Smiley360


  BzzAgent also sends you free products to test and review, in exchange for your input on social media sites. However, in addition to the ability to be among the first to try out goodies, you are rewarded with points that you can exchange for a variety of gift cards and other prizes! To sign up, click here!


  If you have a blog of your own, and would like to review great products like Dial soap and Purex detergent (among many other brand items), Purex Insiders is the right site for you! To get started, click on the Purex logo!

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