The Migraines of Moving

Helpful packing and moving tips, from the internet:

1. Color code your move! Put a Post-It note or a square of construction paper on the doorway of each room, in your new house. Give each room its own color. Use a corresponding color of duct tape to mark and seal each box that you are moving. This will easily identify which room each box should go into.

2. Place a floor plan of your new house at each entry, with the rooms labeled (in the same color marker as the assigned color code). Those helping you move can quickly and easily locate where each room is located!

3. Remember to place plastic tarps or runners on the floors of your new home, so carpets don't get muddy.

4. Number each box. On a clipboard (or, if you prefer, in a cute journal), inventory ALL of the contents of each box. That way, if you suddenly discover that you need something particular... like a favorite bracelet, or a child's favorite action figure... you know exactly which box it is in. Bonus... the list will identify any boxes that are forgotten in the vehicle or left behind!

5. Pack a few days worth of clothing, daily toiletries, and other essential items in suitcases, for each family member. Then, you can take your time to unpack. Keep two separate boxes of "essentials" you might need, over the first few days... a coffee maker and coffee, towels, bedsheets, lightbulbs, aspirin and bandages, etc. (they give you two lists). Mark these "Last to Load... Unload FIRST!"

6. Create a photo essay of your new house and neighborhood, featuring all of the wonderful features that you and your family are looking forward to... a playroom, local park, library shelves full of exciting books, etc... and display it in your home, to build excitement!

7. Prepare pets and children for the move, well in advance. Take them to visit the new house and neighborhood, pointing out the features that you think they will love.

8. Have a big yard sale, before you move... this will drastically reduce the number of unwanted objects you will be moving, reduce your moving costs, and add a little extra money towards new furniture or decorating in the new house.

The list goes on and on.
I'm calling B.S.
I would like to offer everyone a more reasonable, simpler, and more REALISTIC list of moving tactics... one that I have utilized successfully throughout each of the many moves I've made, over the years.


1. Put stuff you want to keep in boxes. Fold them, with the ol' standby "overlap fold." Tape them with whatever strong tape you have, handy, if you must. On each box, write a simple word to identify where the crap goes: "Bedroom." "Office." "Kitchen." You get the idea.

2. If you really want to, write a second word to help give you a general idea of where the stuff in the box goes. For instance: "Bedroom (nightstand)." "Living Room (Movies)." If you have too many boxes of "Office (Desk)" to figure out where a pen or pencil is, you need to downsize.

3. Nobody has the time to spend, organizing a yard sale. Things are chaotic, enough. When you sort your stuff, be ruthless. Pack the things you want. Give away, throw out, or haul off the crap that you DON'T want. If you really hope to make a few bucks, wait to haul off the "donate" pile until you've got everything else packed in boxes and the house cleaned up. THEN have your dang yard sale. Whatever you don't sell, throw back in the bags or boxes and take in to the thrift store or church, for donation. If an item isn't good enough to sell, it shouldn't be in the donation bag to begin with... pitch it.

4. Arrange to clean your new house's floor, the day after you move. Seriously. That plastic is just going to be a pain to move, when it has furniture and boxes on it... and adds a new tripping/slipping hazard to the game of "carrying heavy boxes through a house." Just don't.

5. Do you really have the time to bring your cat and goldfish over, to take a tour of the new neighborhood? Are you willing to sacrifice a couple of afternoons, taking a photo shoot of the grocery store and the playground? Most of all, do you want your new neighbors to think of you as "That crazy lady who was taking pictures of my kids on the swings, and telling her poodle 'That's where you are gonna go potty.... yes, it is! Isn't it wonderful?' No. No, you don't.  The pets will adjust. 

6. Packing a couple of boxes of "essentials" for the first night is a fine idea. Be realistic, though. You know the box that says "Utility (Cleaning)" has the cleaning supplies. Little Johnny can play with his toys when the box that says "Johnny (toys)" comes off the blasted truck. Pack basic tools (whatever you used to take furniture apart), the furniture hardware (don't believe them when they tell you to "put them in a plastic bag, and tape them to the furniture pieces..." this only insures that you will lose ALL of the hardware, at once. Instead, put them in the bags, with a piece of paper that says what each bag of hardware goes TO, and throw it in the "essential" box).

7. Don't be lazy. Get your stuff put away. An overnight bag? Sure.But... SUITCASES? Look, if it takes you "three to five days" to unpack a box of underwear and t-shirts, you have no business having your own house, to begin with. 

So, there you have it... my easy-to-follow moving tips.
If I've missed anything, please add them to the comments, below!

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