Advil Film-Coated Tablets

  I'm one of "those" people.

  If someone has a cold, in our house, I'm more inclined to grab a lemon and some honey than to measure out a spoonful of rank-smelling purple syrup. Toothache victims smell of cloves, not "cherry" ointment. Strong coffee is our first defense against respiratory problems.

  Even so, those who know me well are aware that I ALWAYS have a bottle of Advil in my first aid supplies. For me, Advil is my main "go-to" medication for the aches and pains that defy home cures. I've delivered three of my children without the assistance of any pain medication except Advil, and threw out a three-month supply of hardcore prescription pain medication in favor of Advil, when my thyroid was removed.

  It works quickly, efficiently, and the effects are long lasting... what more do you need to know?


  It turns out, there IS something else that I didn't know.

  Advil has a film-coated version of its tablets, that take effect even FASTER than the traditional tablets that I've been toting!


  When Crowdtap sent me some samples of this new form of Advil to test (for free!), I was more than eager. It happened to be harvest season. I was READY for some "relieve those throbbing feet and aching back so I can work" remedy. After trying my sample, I was convinced... as fast as traditional tablets worked, these film-coated "fast tabs" worked even FASTER!


  Definitely a "two thumbs up" rating, in my book!

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